Vivo understands how important good communication, teamwork and partnership is to the long-term success of your property.  We conduct a PEP, or performance evaluation process, for property inspections. This allows Vivo to communicate pro-actively with our clients, utilize the latest technology and truly become your eyes and ears on the property. Our goal is to provide the very best in consistent quality.  To achieve this, we have 5 easy steps to follow:

5 Steps to Success

Observe & Inspect

We perform consistent, scheduled inspection walk-throughs with our management and operations team and a client representative. We inspect the entire property top to bottom to ensure we haven’t missed anything.


During each inspection, we thoroughly document each maintenance item, if needed taking photographs and descriptive notes.


Once the inspection is completed, we communicate the report to our operations team, set the expectations and priorities, and share the information with the client.

Implement & Supervise

Using the inspection report as a guide, our operation manager will implement the priority schedule of maintenance items with the crew supervisor, and supervise the completion of each maintenance item.


The final step is to consistently and professionally maintain the property providing the best quality for the client.

Utilizing this process and following each step will be the key to Vivo becoming your preferred vendor, and long-term partner for your landscape services.

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We serve where you serve.  Call and see if we are in your area!

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